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About Punjab Roadways

Punjab Roadways came into being in the year 1948 with a fleet of 13 buses, which rose gradually to its highest strength of 2407 buses in the year 1985. The primary objective of Punjab Roadways is to provide an economical, reliable and comfortable transport service in the state of Punjab with connecting service to adjoining states. Punjab Roadways is also providing free/concessional travel to the deserving categories identified by the Punjab Government. Punjab Roadways is also operating and monitoring the Bus Stands of Punjab.

Punjab Roadways has 18 depots viz Chandigarh, Roopnagar, Ludhiana, Moga, Jagraon, Nangal, Jalandhar-1, Jalandhar-2, Nawanshehar, Batala, Pathankot, Hoshiarpur, Amritsar-1, Amritsar-2, Taran Taaran, Patti, Ferozepur and Mukatsar.

Our Vision

The vision of Punjab Roadways and PUNBUS buses is to provide a reliable, efficient and economical means of Passenger transport to the common man of Punjab. Punjab Roadways & Punbus will act as a socio commercial department with the objective of providing the highest revenues possible along with the objective of providing bus service at concessional rates or free of charge to some special need worthy categories of passengers and providing bus service to certain commercially non viable areas where there are very few other means of transport.

Mission of Punjab Roadways / PUNBUS

The mission of Punjab Roadways/PUNBUS is to:
  1. To provide International Bus Service on Amritsar-Lahore-Amritsar and Amritsar-Nankana Sahib-Amritsar route.
  2. Provide stage carriage transport to people of Punjab, which is affordable, reliable, safe and responsive to the needs of the people.
  3. Provide concessional travel to certain categories of society like students, old women, police personnels, cancer patients, journalists, ex-MLA’s, freedom fighters etc.
  4. To provide employment opportunities to the people of Punjab and to act as the model employer for the unorganized transport sector.
  5. To operate and maintain the important bus stands of Punjab in its operational jurisdiction.
  6. Provide bus services during special needs of the state and the country like emergencies, rallies etc.

Our Clients

Punjab Roadways is providing services to the following clients:
a) Passengers traveling on Amritsar-Lahore and Amritsar-Nankana Sahib Bus Service
b) Passengers traveling in buses of Punjab Roadways on tickets.
c) Daily commuters traveling on pass.
d) Free traveling passengers.
e) Passengers traveling on concession.
f) Clients hiring buses of Punjab Roadways on contract for special occasions like marriages.
g) Commuters using bus stands of Punjab Roadways.
h) Department of Posts for carrying mail.
i) Contracer's / Licensees running shops etc. at Bus Stand.
j) Private owners of KM scheme buses.



With an objective to provide better service, Punjab Roadways replaced 534 buses in 1997-98 and 1998-99 through PUNBUS a fully owned Government Company. In the year 2000, 150 buses under Kilometer Scheme were inducted to reinforce the fleet of Punjab Roadways by hiring Private buses and to operate on the routes, on which Punjab Roadways holds valid Permits, for the convenience of the people of the state. Punjab Roadways is a commercial organization and having a fleet of 868 buses at present. In addition, 101 buses of Kilometer Scheme are also operating under Punjab Roadways. It has been operating 2.77 lacs KMs. daily for different State/Inter-state routes. About 5.00 Lacs passengers travel daily in the buses of Punjab Roadways. 360 new buses has been purchased and put on the routes during the current financial year 2005-06 by Punjab State Bus Stand Management Company Ltd. (PUNBUS) by raising loan of Rs. 40.00 Crore from Oriental Bank Of Commerce. These buses are being operated by the PUNBUS on the valid route permits of the Punjab Roadways and are giving good results. The proposal to purchase 300 more buses by PUNBUS by taking loan of Rs. 40.00 Crore from the banks has been finalized. The break up of these buses through out the state of Punjab in its 18 depots along with the scheduled Kilometers of each depot as shown under.
S.No. Depot Name Actual Operating R.C. Deposite K.M. Scheme PUNBUS Buses Total Buses Allotted KM's
1 CHD 51 0 2 36 89 31968
2 Ropar 52 0 6 20 78 26548
3 Ludhiana 69 0 9 30 108 22710
4 Moga 38 0 3 28 69 30935
5 Jagraon 44 0 4 11 59 26613
6 Nangal 41 0 1 16 58 15387
7 Jalandhar-1 63 0 10 20 93 27065
8 Jalandhar-2 59 0 9 16 84 29097
9 Nawanshahar 73 0 8 25 106 36516
10 Batala 61 8 8 16 93 30161
11 Pathankot 35 33 10 28 106 39258
12 Hoshiarpur 54 1 3 25 83 25129
13 Amritsar - 1 22 0 14 22 58 30097
14 Amritsar - 2 30 0 10 15 55 29935
15 Ferozpur 60 42 1 27 130 42000
16 Muktsar 62 8 2 15 87 27032
17 Tarn Taran 20 1 1 5 27 17581
18 Patti 34 0 0 5 39 20484
Grand .Total 868 93 101 360 1422 508516