Structure Head Office

Organisation Structure (Head office) | Organisation Structure (Depots)

1. Director State Transport, Punjab

The Director State Transport, Punjab, is the final authority in respect of matters relating to disciplinary proceedings of class-III category employees and minior punishing authority of cases in respect of Class A & B categories. 

2. Additional Director (F&A):

The Additional Director (F&A) is the overall In charge of the Account as well as G.F.Fund Wing of the Department.

3. Mechanical Automobile Engineer:

Presently the post is lying vacant. However, the Mechanical Automobile Engineer is overall Incharge for vehicle maintenance, fabrication and re-fabrication of buses, condemnation of buses, body building etc. and layout of depots and sub depots and tyre retreating plants. Demand charters of strike and allied labour matters. 

4. Deputy Director State Transport, Punjab

The Deputy Director State Transport, Punjab is the Incharge of the bus operation and traffic rationalizations, operational matters relating to interstate routes, printing and supply of bus tickets, concessional traveling facilities to the various categories, fixation of fare and freight rates, control of bus stands and flying squads etc. of the Punjab Roadways.

5. Administrative Officer

The Administrative Officer is the overall Incharge of the Administrative Wing of the Department.

6. Chief Store & Purchase Officer

HE IS OVERALL INCHARGE OF CENTRAL STORE. The main function of the Central Store is to make the purchase of material at competitive rates from the firms approved by the ASRTU and direct from the market after adopting the procedure of purchase laid down in various rules / Govt. instructions. For this purpose following procedure and decision making process is being followed: -

  1. To collect the demand of material from all the Punjab Roadways Depots for one year.
  2. To compile the same and get it approved from the Technical Committee constituted for this purpose.
  3. After getting the approval of the Technical Committee, prepare group wise agenda items along with comparative statement for the approval of Director, State Transport through CSPO.
  4. After getting the approval of DST, place the agenda items along with comparative statement before the Standing Purchase Committee/High Level Purchase Committee, as the case may be, for the decision to make purchases.
  5. After getting the matter decided by the Committee concerned DST issues the purchase order, as per decision, to the firm concerned.
  6. Firm submit its claim against the material supplied by it.
  7. The claim is examined in the office whether the specifications, nomenclature and rates mentioned in the claim are as per order?
  8. After getting it confirm the above noted aspects are in order the amount claimed by the firm is drawn from the Govt. Treasury.
  9. If the Bilty of material is received through Bank then the cheque, issued in favour of firm, is deposited in the Bank and the bilty is got released from the Transport Company concerned. In case, the material is received direct in the store then the cheque is handed over to the firm after getting the material in the store.
  10. After getting the material in the store it is checked technically as well as quantative point of view by the Committee constituted for the purpose.
  11. After getting the confirmation that the material received is as per specifications, nomenclature and rates mentioned in the supply order, it is issued to the Punjab Roadways Depots as per their demands.
  12. To keep the accounts of material issued to the Punjab Roadways Depots by the Central Store, Ledger are being maintained in the Central Store.
  13. Material supplied to the Punjab Roadways depots is evaluated and bills are raised against the supply made to the Punjab Roadways Depots and their accounts are debited / credited accordingly.