Daily Commuters 


Passes are issued to students and employees who travel on a regular basis in the buses of Punjab Roadways/PUNBUS buses and the procedure for obtaining theses passes is as below:


Student bus passes are being issued to the student of the Govt. recognized Schools, Colleges and Institutes. The Schools, Colleges and Institutes recognized by the Government can apply to the concerned General Manager of Punjab Roadways depot to include their school, college and institution in the list of approved schools, colleges and institutions eligible for issue of concessional bus passes with a copy of the recognition order. As soon as the request is received from the school, colleges, institutions, the same is processed to include the applicant institute in the list of approved schools, college, and institutions. The name of the school or college must be approved by the state technical board or university to be included in the approved list.
Students can apply for concessional passes with passport size photo affixed on the application duly attested by the head of institution. The concessional pass application duly filled up by the student and signed by the head of institution should be presented to the pass clerk of the respective depot and the pass will be issued within 24 hours of the receipt of application. Other details of the scheme can be obtained from the superintendent of the concerned depot.
The student are allowed traveling to their institute as per fare given below:-

First 5 kms = Rs 36+2=38/-
Up to 10 kms = Rs 45+2=47/-
Up to 15 kms = Rs 63+2=65/-
Up to 20 kms = Rs 75+2= 77/-
Up to 25 kms = Rs 99+2=101/-
Up to 30 kms = Rs 108+2=110/-
Up to 35 kms = Rs 123+2=125/-
Up to 40 kms = Rs 132+2=134/-
Up to 45 kms = Rs 147+2=149/-
Up to 50 kms = Rs 156+2=158/-
Up to 55 kms = Rs 168+2=170/-
Up to 60 kms = Rs 180+2=182/-
The pass is valid for three months.


Punjab Roadways and PUNBUS buses make passes for employees and teachers at the following rates:
Teachers: 35 single fares per month.
Employees: 40 single fares per month.
The application along with the letter of the employer or the principal is to be submitted in the office of the concerned General manager and passes are issued after completing the necessary formalities.